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Woody, balsamic
This creation revisits a mythical fragrance ingredient: patchouli. It has been combined with an exclusive ingredient used for the very first time in perfumery: the ultrasound extract of Hazelnut from Piémont Italy designed internally using a 100% green extraction technology, and the world most qualitative origin of hazelnut! An accord which provides a delicate balance between the dark and rough side of patchouli with the incomparable soft praline facets of the hazelnut from Piémont.

Patchouli oil ‘Grand Cru’ Aceh Indonesia & Sri Lanka 35%
Hazelnut ‘Grand Cru’ Piémont Italy ultrasound 20%ETOH 8%

maturation: 2 weeks
maceration: 2 weeks

Weight 0,4666 kg