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Choosing one’s perfumes is like putting together one’s ideal wardrobe: start with the classics made from the best-quality fabrics, the articles with which one cannot go wrong, crafted and cut so that they are untouched by time and trends. These are the same assets that the well-informed perfume lover hopes to find in the fragrances they wear.

Valérie recognized this parallel between the fashion and perfume worlds, and so created her collection to offer clients the possibility of creating their own “olfactive wardrobe”.

Beginning with the essentials necessary to any well-thought-out olfactive wardrobe, Valérie conceived of ten fragrances built around the great olfactive families that gave birth to the grand classics. Paying homage to the roots of perfumery without falling into the trap of imitation, she dusted off compositional codes of the great olfactive families, playing with an overdose of ingredients, or with unexpected combinations, while never betraying the foundations of these olfactive compositions. Her answer to this challenge was to create Les Indémodables (The Timeless), a collection that allows her to develop perfumes with real olfactive character, freed from fashions and trends.